It has no Title

Living in pain and drought,
It’s burning me. inside and out.
Not knowing my purpose of life
existing but not living.
Torturing myself but, not forgiving.
Dwelling on the wrongs
Not realising there is still a lot of rights.
Wishing it would all end soon.
Closing light, I am chasing with both eyes.
seeing it grow, but it’s not getting nearer!
That’s the thoughts and success in my mind.
Somethings blocking me from reaching…
Procrastination and self-doubt.

A black crack in my heart, which is maybe
Why I keep weeping? Every day I cry but,
To others I show a smile.
Always having to hide the fact I am broken inside.
So, young, yet my mind so old and wild, feeling my thoughts
Are just pure cold.
Not knowing where I will begin and where I will end.
My life is a stop light… currently on red.
Trying to reduce the pain, and gain the strength
To find my way out of the misery that is keeping me
When I look to myself I wonder what.
All I am is a lost young girl, waiting for it all to stop;
The negative energy, the fear, the weakness, the loss!
The missing love, knowing someone cares and wants to be there.
But most importantly-
Finding her purpose in this life.


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