Lust and Connection

You will come to the conclusion.
Finally realise, that he was in love with the sex that he missed it.
The last time you seen him. He just wanted to bust a nut to relieve it.

He never complimented you, cause he knew he had you.
Right where he wanted you!
He complimented…
Maybe once or twice a couple of times before he actually got to you.

When you are so blinded by the energy but, you can’t recognise the insanity.
You know he has you right where he wants you.
He said he cares about you, and he wasn’t playing you. He wouldn’t do that to you.

It wasn’t to do with you, the pussy was just to good that he couldn’t believe it, so it takes him a year to deep it.
He needed the small space between your legs to fulfil his long-awaited agony.

But it takes a while,
then his words are that ‘he misses you’
it was his metaphor to say he was horny.
Then you come back to reality.
He didn’t miss you.


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