Finding Inner Relaxation.


Depression is sometimes involved with a lack of inner relaxation. When tension builds up on the inside and your mind literally feels like exploding from so many thoughts. 

My inner relaxation and peace comes from finding time/a day to myself. No one else. I like to travel alone alot of the time mostly going to London and exploring for myself. Some people say “why would you go on your own?” And it’s because you don’t always need another’s company to feel good or better. One of my favourite remedies is finding different chill spots. Somewhere that makes me take in the surroundings so my mind is focused on something else other than the negative. 

I traveled to London, booked a hotel for myself and a day at the spa. I made sure my hotel was a different area to my spa so that I could take in the journey, walking and different atmospheres. I Made sure no one knew where i was and if anyone asked, I didn’t say. Because its ‘time for self’. I feel the spa is a good place to make yourself a bit chill, having a massage- I took an algae body wrap detox. And further used the facilities; sauna, steamroom and jacuzzi. (Picture is- M by Montcalm spa, Shoreditch).

I feel having that one off treatment can change your mindset even if it is for a day or two it keeps focus on something that is active. Although it’s not a permanent help it is a very big help! I further spent the night at St Georges hotel alone; no phone, no laptop. Just relaxed. And because I was in a fresh, clean and new environment it made me feel happy and peaceful. ‘Relaxed’. Which is the most important outcome at the time. Although everyone may have a different budget or money is sometimes the issue, your health is always the most important thing! EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE even if it is the park (somewhere free) can be just as much help. 

But, making that one commitment to yourself for just one day/one night. Can really shift a difference. If anyone would like help and advice on particular types of places and things to do, feel free to direct message me or ask me a question and I will always be more than happy to help.🌸


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