The Essence part 2

I think it is safe to say alot of women forget the power that they can hold against a man! They are so powerful that a man so weak would pay to have sex! Further calling them a “hore”, “dirt”, or “flith” but- forgetting they are the one that committed the action not the woman. A woman can be so weak to see the strength they hold that they are blinded in the shadows that a man carries them in.

In this day and age it is important to know the strength you carry and how you can empower yourself with it. Don’t let it go to waste.

A piece from one interesting book to read- Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur; I can’t lie and say it’s the best book, pretty strange and intense but, has satisfying metaphors.

The loving

When my mother was pregnant With her second child i was four. I pointed at her swollen belly confused at how my mother had gotten so big in such little time. My father scooped me in his tree trunk arms and said the closest thing to God on this earth is a woman’s body it’s where life comes from and to have a grown man tell me something so powerful at such a young age changed me to see the entire universe rested at my mother’s feet

It is important to know that the essence of being a woman. Alone. Makes you strong in multiple ways, it is something that no one can take away from you. It is an important aspect to always keep in sight when you are feeling low or down.

I named this essence part 2 because if you read back to the first post I made and also why i named my blog essence, i will be creating a series about The Essence of a Woman.

Girlsss!! Always remember to love yourself no matter what wrong you have done in the past because you can’t change your past but, you can write your future! Don’t let nobody tell you about you, when you know yourself greater than anyone else, no matter what actions you may committed! ✨💕



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